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About Us

Holding CJSC  “NTC GEOTECHNOKIN” deals with:

  • Holding CJSC  “NTC GEOTECHNOKIN”  prospecting and development monitoring;
  •  stimulating oil and gas production;
  •  repair and renewal operations and abandonment operations in wells;
  •  petrophysical core research using modern methods;
  •  perforating-explosive operations;
  •  development of technology and implementation of cutting-edge geophysical research in open and cased holes;
  •  integrated processing and interpretation of geophysical data;
  •  geological and hydrodynamic simulation, reserves estimation



Brief profile

CJSC “NTC GEOTECHNOKIN” is among the leaders in providing a wide variety of services for oil companies, concerning monitoring reservoir development with a help of nuclear geophysics methods, remedial cementing, well killing, bottom-hole treatment, intensification of oil production. The company owns production bases in oil-producing regions of the country – Khanty-Mansyisk Autonomous District, Orenburg Region – which are united to form a joint production chain and equipped with laboratory equipment, required for high-quality operation.

Manufacturing Companies


Scientific Centers

OJSC “NPC Tvergeophysica”. The institute employs qualified specialists and researchers into the spheres of geophysical data interpretation and creating scientific and methodological foundations for formation evaluation, required for estimating raw hydrocarbon deposits. The research themes are annually modified in accordance with practical needs.


Manufacturing; Research Centers

Articles and Patents

Articles Nuclear Physics Methods of GWL – the Basis of Data Support for Effective Management of the Process of Oil Fields Development. Auth. T.V. Khismetov, F.Kh. Enikeeva. KAROTAZHNIK, № 9 (207), pp. 111-117.