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CJSC “NTC GEOTECHNOKIN” has for over 12 years been specializing in services in the sphere of remedial cementing in wells, including selective water shutoff, liquidation of channeling, stopping casing leaks, liquidation of intercasing pressure, well killing, monitoring the degree of formation depletion in oil fields of Western Siberia, Orenburg Region, the Volga Region, Udmurtia, Kalmykiya, Krasnodar Region and Stavropol Region. The main clients are oil companies – TNK-VR, Gasprom Neft, ROSNEFT, RUSSNEFT.

Performance Figures

Over the past 5 years CJSC “NTC GEOTECHNOKIN” has carried out over 5,000 remedial cementing operations, 3,000 bottom-hole treatment operations, over 1,200 well killings, over 4,500 research operations employing nuclear physics methods of GWL.

Geophysical Well Logging (GWL)

In the cased hole of the well: pulse logging; pulse neutron gamma-ray logging; pulse neutron oxygen-carbon logging; sonic cement-bond logging; gyroscopic directional survey; electromagnetic flaw detection; pipe profile logging.

Remedial Cementing

Shutting down reservoirs and streaks (RI); Complex of operations aimed at transition to an underlying formation; Fixing production casing leaks (FPCL); Restoring a cement sheath (RCS); Stopping behind-the-casing flow (SBF); Water shutoff; Stopping intracasing flow

Bottom-hole Treatment

Acid treatment; Sand control

Well Killing

Services involving well killing include a complex of technologies, which ensure allow to kill wells of any category, including emergency well killing. The operations are carried out with a help of materials and technologies, tried and tested both in remedial works and on free-flow well stock.

Research Work

Field Laboratories; Modelling Physico-chemical Processes of Naturally Occurring Cores; Petrophysical Rock Research; Interpretation of Data Acquired by Nuclear Physics Logging Methods for Controlling Field Development; Processing and Interpreting Geophysical Data; Processing and Interpreting Geological-Technological Data; Monitoring Oil and Gas Fields;