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CJSC “NTC GEOTECHNOKIN” has for over 12 years been specializing in services in the sphere of remedial cementing in wells, including selective water shutoff, liquidation of channeling, stopping casing leaks, liquidation of intercasing pressure, well killing, monitoring the degree of formation depletion in oil fields of Western Siberia, Orenburg Region, the Volga Region, Udmurtia, Kalmykiya, Krasnodar Region and Stavropol Region. The main clients are oil companies – TNK-VR, Gasprom Neft, ROSNEFT, RUSSNEFT.

The services provided include substantiating operating technology and procedures as applied to a specific object, as well as providing specialized technical equipment and monitoring the quality of the work done.

The company has production bases in West Siberian Region and Orenburg Region, which are equipped with specialized technology and devices, required for quality operation.

Well research, conducted with a help of nuclear physics methods of GWL, is also done with a help of our own equipment and interpretation base.

The high effectiveness of operations is ensured by a complex approach to development and implementation of modern new technology and composite formulations, by good labour management and coordinated work of the company’s structural units.