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Remedial Cementing

  • Shutting down reservoirs and streaks (RI);
  • Complex of operations aimed at transition to an underlying formation;
  • Fixing production casing leaks (FPCL);
  • Restoring a cement sheath (RCS);
  • Stopping behind-the-casing flow (SBF);
  • Water shutoff;
  • Stopping intracasing flow

Shutting down flooded zones, streaks, fixing production casing leaks, stopping behind-the-casing flow – injecting chemicals to create a viscoelastic block-screen in the zone insulated with a further fixation of “block-screen” by a cement slurry of class G with suitable additives or cement compositions based on microcement;

Water shutoff, liquidation of flooded cones, stopping behind-the-casing flow – injecting water soluble gel-forming polymers, which work at a wide range of reservoir temperatures and high levels of water mineralization, as well as injecting non-aqueous oil-based cement compositions;

Water shutoff in non-homogenous formations with a help of a relative permeability modifier: the modifier reduces relative permeability of the rock and doesn’t cause the rock hydrocarbon permeability to change, at the same time not acting as a physical block.

Shutting down a reservoir accompanying a return to an overlying formation with a further hydraulic formation fracturing in order to prevent water breakthrough along a vertical fracture during hydraulic formation fracturing.