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General Information

CJSC “NTC GEOTECHNOKIN”, its manufacturing plants often hold tenders to select Contractors for supply of goods (services). Complete information on current tenders is available on this page.

If a tenderer is willing to participate in a current tender for selecting a provider of goods (produce), they are to submit information and scanned copies of offers for supply of goods (produce) within the time period specified.

Offers, submitted later than specified, will not be considered.

CJSC “NTC GEOTECHNOKIN” reserves the right to accept of decline any tender offer, or to decline all offers at any moment prior to signing an Agreement, and shall not be held responsible by tender participants concerned, and shall not be liable to explain to the tender participants the reasons for such actions. There will be no refunds for expenses, incurred to the tender participants in connection with the preparation of offers.

CJSC “NTC GEOTECHNOKIN” reserves the right to accept any of the offers received or to accept none thereof.

For further information please contact us by phone: +7 (499) 976-8291.