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Bottom-hole Treatment

Acid treatment; Sand control

Acid treatment

Formation treatment with acid compositions with the use of:

  • scale inhibitor
  • emulsified acid
  • fluorine-boric acid

Bottom-hole treatment with a help of organic solvents

Formation treatment with highly viscous compositions

Formation treatment with acid compositions, an acid diverter added

Installing acid baths and removing scale from the perforation range

Oil-compatible acid package of HCL with additives (iron stabilizer, demulsifier, corrosion inhibitor, aromatic solvent “Miaprom”)

Dry-acid compositions for acid treatment of terrigenous and carbonate reservoirs

Acid compositions of CHIMEKO family to work on clay bond

Split bottom-hole treatment with two-packer configuration for well development with two or more developed objects

Acid compositions for combination treatment of terrigenous reservoirs with varying clay and calcite cement content. Acid compositions are prepared in accordance with the material composition of reservoir rocks, determined by nuclear physics research methods (CO logging).

Sand control

A composition for stabilizing the production formations. The composition is homogenous, easy to filter, is characterized by high mechanical bonding strength, resistant to reservoir fluids, acids, alkali.